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Of late, the opportunities for startups in India have been growing phenomenally. Taking advantage of this, a lot of young entrepreneurs and business minds are setting up businesses in India. Although setting up a new business can be exciting and overwhelming, at the same time it can be a daunting task.

Starting a new business requires thorough planning as it is imperative to get the right start for your business. It requires a lot of research, planning and motivation. A detailed plan of action is required right in the initial stage.
Start-ups are faced with multiple questions and need to decide on various financial and other factors in order to ensure the success of their new venture. You may have to decide on:

  • The appropriate legal structure for your business (company, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLP, etc.)
  • Method of accounting to be followed (accrual basis or cash basis)
  • Allocation of budgets for various activities
  • Decision on staffing, leasing, etc.
  • Identifying various funding options
  • Incorporation of an entity and compliance requirements
  • Identifying if the business is eligible for any government or tax subsidies

These decisions require a careful approach as these factors can make or break the profitability of your business. This is where most of the start-ups find themselves stuck in the process which restricts them from focusing on the core business tasks.

In order to overcome these issues, guidance and support from a professional start-up business specialist would prove to be a savior. To succeed, it is very crucial to get the right advice from firms offering consultancy for start-up at every step of the way.

eTaxMentor – A Leading Start-up Consulting Firm In Hyderabad

eTaxMentor is a renowned start-up consulting firm based in Hyderabad. At eTaxMentor, we offer a wide range of start-up consulting services to early-stage and emerging businesses all over India. Our aim is to help you set up your business on a solid foundation with everything in place right from day one. We provide complete start-up business advisory services right from inception to operations. We bring our value addition in areas like the incorporation of business entity, getting the statutory registrations and licenses.

We assist you in the formation of a legally sound business entity and devise effective business strategies that can help you achieve your goals. Since our professionals work with you right from the start-up phase, we are able to ensure that all your business processes support your core business objectives.

We listen to your business idea and supplement it with our domain expertise. With our considerable experience in start-up services, we can fine-tune your raw business idea and provide the necessary guidance to take your business to the next level. Our guidance and support in providing small business start-up consulting services can help you achieve a sustainable course for growth.

We also guide you on how to control your costs while scaling up your operations. Our team guides you on the perfect mix of high return on investment (ROI) solutions to help you meet your estimated budgets.

Small and New Business Start-up Services by eTaxMentor

ETaxMentor is a one-stop platform to source multiple consultancy services for start-ups. We can assist you with the legal, taxation, financial and technical aspects of running your start-up. We have worked with start-up businesses in many industries and have extended our support in assisting them with the business set up and structuring, conducting market research, developing growth models, etc. Check out our range of start-up services.

  • Business Structuring

    • Selecting the appropriate business structure is an important decision especially from accounting and tax perspective. Your choice of business structure influences your taxes, day to day operations and how much risk your personal assets possess. We help you choose a structure that gives you a perfect balance of legal protections and benefits. We work with you to find out the best available options by taking into account different variables like advantages, disadvantages and responsibilities attached.
  • Business Set-up Assistance

    • We assist you in developing your initial business plan and conduct financial forecasts. This helps you get a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your business. Based on your start-up budget, we develop your tax-evaluation strategies. We also assist you with the start-up capital requirement, representations in front of banks and other financial institutions. Apart from this, we take care of the documentation requirements in order to float the entity. We also help you set up proper accounting and bookkeeping systems and procedures and advise you on the best systems and software packages.
  • Registration Under Applicable Laws

    • Registrations and obtaining licenses are integral to running any business. Therefore, we help you to obtain your business license depending on the nature and size of your business. Moreover, we also assist you in the drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA), filing and uploading of incorporation forms, registration with the statutory authorities, registration with Registrar of Companies (ROC), application for identification numbers, etc.
  • Business Mentoring

    • Our experienced business mentors provide you with insights and meaningful business advice that can help you attain your business goal. Our experience of working in different industry sectors has gained us the expertise on how industries work and what motivates them. As a business mentor, we assist you with the preparation of robust business process, investment offer documents, financial modelling, shareholders agreement, etc. We also assist you with investment proposals, handling negotiations and conducting due-diligence.
  • Go To Market Strategy

    • We devise an action plan that can help you reach your target customers and gain an upper edge over your competitors. Keeping the pricing and other factors in mind, we help you design a blueprint for delivering products or services to your end customer. Our services are focused on helping you put your offerings into the market to reach market penetration, revenue and profitability expectations. We also offer assistance with determining market opportunity, identifying the buyers, defining value preposition, set pricing strategy and devise channel strategy.
  • Growth Models

    • We assist in developing a sustainable framework for growth which helps you stay focused on scaling your operations and user base. We constantly work with you to make a business plan outline that aids in the process of identifying key markets and customers, product refinement and process of raising funds.
  • Incubation

    • Over the years, we have developed strategic business relations with several incubators and accelerators present in the Indian market. Therefore, we can assist you in getting access to a vast network of investors, HNIs, business partners, strategic partners, logistics partner, etc. We can also support you in the formation of advisory boards and management team. Apart from this, you can also count on us for arranging tie-ups with various business associates and many services.
  • Hire Business Startup Consultants Now

    • If you have the ability and proficiency to take your business to the next level, let us help you steer in the right direction. Our financial consultancy for start-ups has helped many emerging companies establish a strong foothold in the market.

      You too can achieve success with our business consulting for startups.