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Business Strategy and Consulting

A well-formulated strategy establishes the foundation of a business against which it can measure its performance and determine success. Business strategy is nothing but an organisation’s working plan for achieving its vision, prioritizing its objectives, thriving competition and optimizing its financial performance with its business model. These business strategies are reflected in every organisation’s strengths, resources, opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Today organisations need a plan to act upon. A well-planned strategy accelerates your growth and strengthens your business. Therefore, having a strategic business plan is one of the most important things for any organization irrespective of its size and operations.

Why Is Business Strategy Important?

Business strategy is essential for the success and sustainability of an organisation. It allows an organisation to get a clear picture of its business and what is required for them to succeed. It helps them focus on the right things by identifying and addressing their weaknesses, understanding their core capabilities and mitigating risks. With everything in place, an organisation can, in turn, deliver the best results, perform better and earn higher revenue and profits.

However, one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations is to design effective business strategies that meet and exceed the emerging requirements of the market. With growing customer needs, complex business environment and future competitions, organisations have to reinvent their policies, procedures and processes to meet the need of the hour. It is also vital for managing risks, increasing revenue and controlling costs.

Since business strategy forms the core of an organization, it is vital to involve professional help from experts who can effectively formulate and execute a business strategy.


Professional Business Strategy and Consulting Services

Business strategy consulting involves evaluating the overall performance and procedures of the organisation and recommending improvements which help increase business performance. Business strategy consulting services help organisations in making informed choices, effectively communicate responsibilities at each level or function, and advice them on seamless execution and control mechanism.


Business Strategy Consulting by eTaxMentor

eTaxMentor is one of the top consulting firms for business strategy in India. We help organisations to develop strategic insights that foster growth and helps achieve long-term goals. We have the requisite experience and expertise to help clients build strategies that are executable, insightful, industry relevant and practical.

Our business strategy consulting covers a wide range of services like developing pragmatic strategy, implementing effective internal controls, improving operations, developing a policy framework, preparation of project reports, structuring advice, revenue maximisation, etc.

Our unique and proven approach helps us deliver actionable strategies that are market tested, future-oriented and built to create lasting advantages for our clients. We identify the most beneficial business strategy after analysing all the pros and cons and stick to that strategy with our enforcement plan.

Services we provide

We design a strategy that defines your business goals and help you attain them with our range of services. Our services include:

  • Designing Internal Controls

    • We take complete responsibility of developing, operating, maintaining and monitoring the internal control system. Our services related to designing and monitoring internal controls helps organisations to eliminate the risk of fraud and other risks. We ensure that the internal controls are robust and they function as intended by the management. Our internal control framework lends various advantages to organisations including better managerial decisions, increased shareholders value, better management of risk and implementation of well-defined procedures.
  • Policy Framework

    • We assist our clients in designing an effective policy framework that sets out complete policies, procedures, guidelines and goals of a company. Our aim is to help clients in effective decision making and giving an overall direction to planning and development. Our policy framework lays clear instructions on transaction approval procedures, policies to follow, roles and responsibilities of key personals, etc.
  • Project Reports

    • We assist our clients in preparation of project reports which allows them to see at a glance any new issues or risks and spot any deviations from the estimations. Our report highlights what goals were set out at the beginning of the project and whether they have been accomplished or not? Was the project completed within the stipulated timeframe and set budgets? These reports showcase any kind of manipulations or deviations that need immediate action.
  • Revenue Maximisation

    • With our in-depth experience and skills, we help our clients in maximizing their revenue. Our team carries out various procedures like analysing the outflows, reviewing the cost structures, reviewing pricing strategies, conducting ratio analysis, market analysis, demand analysis, etc. to suggest cost-effective solutions to our clients. We conduct a cost-benefit analysis to support client’s major decision making and to boost their overall productivity.
  • Company Structuring

    • As a part of our business strategy and consulting services, we offer advice on selecting the right type of business structure for clients. We work closely with our clients to find out the ideal structure that meets their long-term goals and aspirations. This decision is very important as a company’s business structure influences its tax liabilities, asset protection and potential personal liabilities. Therefore our experts ensure a perfect balance of legal protections and benefits for our clients.
  • Funding Assistance

    • We provide fund raising advisory services to start-ups and flourished companies across the full range of private equity to debt financing. With our close interaction with venture capitalists, private equity investors and high net worth investors, we are able to advice our clients on the most appropriate investor–company fit, thus delivering the best value to them. Moreover, we also assist with debt funding. We assess the capital structures of our clients and advise them on appropriate funding choices. Other services that we offer include building a funding strategy, managing discussions between our clients and investors, assisting clients during negotiation sessions, etc.
  • Tax Arbitrage

    • We conduct an in-depth study of the tax systems in the country and outside to identify the possible tax advantages. We advice our clients on profiting from the differences that arise from the ways transactions are treated for tax purposes in different jurisdictions.


While framing a robust business strategy can be daunting, its benefits are numerous and far-reaching. A well-formulated strategy creates new business opportunities, streamlines the business operations, involves active participation of staff and fosters overall growth, productivity and profits.

If you want to excel your operations with an effective business strategy, we can act as your mentor and help you reach where you want to. Get in touch with us today and let us give you more insights into our business strategy consulting services.